People Group Research

Researching a people group requires patience, imagination, creativity, and a lot of hard work. Learn the basic process of people group research using these resources.

People Profile: This simple guide will assist you with developing a worldview document for your people group.

Field Research Guide:  This guidesheet is for use by Research Teams as research is conducted among any people group, people group population segment, or urban center population segment.  After filling out this form, return it to your local research coordinator for review.  After the content is reviewed for accuracy, your research coordinator will enter your information into the people groups website.

Advocacy Brochure: A starting point to develop an advocacy strategy to bring the needs of your people group to others.

Country Profile: An inside out approach to formulate a country profile taking into account its peoples, cities, villages, and varied characteristics.

Worldview Survey: This questionnaire will assist you with gathering critical information in order to develop an ethnography of your people group.

Harvest Fun: Harvest Fun is a worksheet that considers the total population of a people group, the evangelical population of a people group, the annual growth rate of the total population and the annual growth rate of the evangelical population of a people group (Harvest Index) to calculate if the gap of lostness is increasing or decreasing in a people group.