In a world with dissolving borders, global affinity groups large groupings of related peoples that share similar origins, languages, and culture act as a lens through which we can view lostness and focus strategy to share the Gospel. This visualization provides an overview of the world's nine affinity groups.

Researching a people group requires patience, imagination, creativity, and a lot of hard work. Learn the basic process of people group research here.

Mapping resources currently available from IMB and leading missions organizations. 

Monthly updates of the Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (GSEC). 

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about people groups.

GSEC Model

The GSEC model describes the progress of the gospel among the peoples of the world by considering:

1. The extent to which a people group is Evangelical.

2. Accessibility to the gospel.

3. Church planting activity, whether localized or widespread, within the past 2 years.

The model establishes the criteria for the subset of the world's peoples who should be identified as "Unreached People Groups".

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