Affinity Group: American Peoples

Affinity Bloc: Latin-Caribbean Americans

People Cluster: Amazon

Language: Borôro - (bor)

Alternate Name(s): Porrudos, Orarimogodoge (Autonym), Coroados, Boe (SELF), Orarimogodo), Boe (Autonym), Cuiabá, Tugokuridoge (Autonym), Araés, Tugokuridoge (SELF), Coxiponé, Coroados (self designation Boe, Araripoconé, Orarimogodoge (SELF)

Primary Religion: Ethnoreligion - Animism

Country: Brazil

Also found in:

Population: 2,300

Global Population: 2,300

PEID: 16571

ROP: 101621

Progress of the Gospel: Unengaged and Unreached

Global Status of Evangelical Christianity: Less than 2% Evangelical, No Active CP Activity

Overview: The Bororo of Brazil, numbering 2,300, are Unengaged and Unreached. They are part of the Amazon people cluster within the Latin-Caribbean Americans affinity bloc. This people group is only found in Brazil. Their primary language is Borôro. The primary religion practiced by the Bororo is animism, a religious worldview that natural physical entities--including animals, plants, and even inanimate objects--possess a spiritual essence.

Bible Translations: Available

Jesus Film: Available

Gospel Recordings: Available

Radio Broadcast: Not Available